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What Birth Control Methods Are Available?

Birth control is an essential part of women’s healthcare. It helps prevent pregnancy and protects sexually active women against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For many women, birth control also helps manage disruptive symptoms caused by your menstrual cycle.

Birth control methods typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Barrier Methods
  • Long-Term Birth Control
  • Permanent Birth Control

It’s important to discuss the right birth control with your healthcare provider, as these methods will have different levels of protection and prevention. Your health needs are our priority, and we are here to recommend a birth control that fits best into your lifestyle.

How Do I Choose a Birth Control Method?

There are several considerations when choosing a birth control method, which your provider will review with you. While long-term birth control methods (such as IUDs and the implant) are extremely effective in preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against STIs. It’s common for women to use multiple birth control methods at once if sexually active.

Our providers care for women with varying health needs and lifestyles. They can recommend birth control methods that are most effective in protecting you, while also supporting your family-planning goals. We encourage you to engage in an open dialogue with your provider, so we can find the right solution together.

Request an Appointment to Discuss Birth Control With Your Provider

Premier Women’s Health of Minnesota prioritizes individualized healthcare for every woman we see. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you find a birth control method that helps you achieve and maintain your goals. Whether you are just starting birth control or would like to adjust your current birth control method, request an appointment to meet with your healthcare provider today.