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Endometriosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Endometriosis is a condition where tissues to the endometrium, the inside lining of the uterus, is found outside of the uterus, causing chronic symptoms for women. It can occur in around one in 10 women of reproductive age and can cause infertility.

Diagnosing Endometriosis

Before determining the right treatment plan for you, your provider will need to understand your symptoms. You may have endometriosis if you experience:

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Trouble becoming pregnant
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain during urination or bowel movements

If you do experience any of these symptoms, talk to your healthcare provider, who will work with you to determine if endometriosis is the cause.

It’s also possible that you have endometriosis but experience no symptoms. Your provider may diagnose the condition if you have been struggling with infertility or if the tissue is discovered during an unrelated surgical procedure.

Treating Endometriosis

Endometriosis treatments vary from lifestyle changes to medications and surgical procedures. Your provider will create a personalized treatment plan based on your symptoms and health goals.

You may start with an anti-inflammatory or hormonal medication, such as birth control. You and your provider will navigate the treatment process together to help you best manage your endometriosis.

Premier Women’s Health offers a variety of treatment options to treat endometriosis. Endo specialist, Dr. Mathew Palmer, Oakdale ObGyn, talks about treatment and resource option in this video, which was part of a live series of events hosted by Minnesota Endo Warriors.

What if My Symptoms Continue After Treatment?

If your symptoms continue after treatment, your provider will work with you to determine the next steps.

Surgical procedures may be necessary to remove as much of the endometriosis as we can. By removing the endometriosis tissue, we can help alleviate your pain and may improve your fertility. Your provider will review the benefits and side effects of surgery, and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Schedule an Appointment to Make an Endometriosis Treatment Plan

Chronic pain from endometriosis shouldn’t prevent you from living your life. Your symptoms can be managed with a personalized treatment plan from your Premier Women’s Health of Minnesota provider. We are here to listen to and support all your health needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our nearest location.