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Is Endometrial Ablation for Me?

If you experience heavy or prologued menstrual bleeding, you may benefit from endometrial ablation. During this procedure, a thin layer on the lining of the uterus is destroyed to help reduce bleeding levels. Although it does not stop the bleeding altogether, an ablation can result in normal or light levels, allowing you to better manage menstrual symptoms.

Your healthcare provider may recommend this procedure if heavy menstrual bleeding has continued for a long period of time with no help from any medications or other treatments.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

At Premier Women’s Health of Minnesota, we perform endometrial ablations in the office, so you can work with the trusted providers you are already familiar with. This is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning your recovery time is significantly less than most surgical procedures, and we can send you home right after.

Your provider may dilate your cervix prior to the procedure. If you have an IUD, it will have to be removed before the ablation.

Afterward, we’ll monitor you before sending you home to rest and recover. Since this is a short procedure with no incisions, your recovery should be quick and relatively painless.

What About Side Effects?

As with any procedure, it’s normal for there to be some side effects. You may experience cramping or discharge for a few days after. Your dedicated provider will review what to expect, and if your symptoms continue or new ones arise, we’re always just a phone call away.

It’s important to note that pregnancy is highly unlikely after endometrial ablation. If you are hoping to become pregnant, you may want to discuss other treatment options with your provider.

Additionally, although it is unlikely, pregnancy is still possible for some women post-procedure. Your provider can recommend the right birth control method for you.

Discuss Menstrual Management with Your Healthcare Provider 

At Premier Women’s Health of Minnesota, we understand that menstrual management looks different for every woman. If you are experiencing constant, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometrial ablation may be the right procedure for you.

Contact your healthcare provider today to discuss the benefits of this minimally invasive procedure.