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Medical Device Helps Patient Get Her Life Back

Bothersome Bladder Problems No Longer a Concern

For the longest time, I experienced bladder problems. I finally decided to do something about it because it was interfering with my life and my sleep. It all began in conversation with Dr. Matthew Palmer during my annual exam. He asked me if I had any questions, and my response was: “I am tired of getting up every hour to urinate.” Dr. Palmer’s answer was that there was help available, and that it was very common for women to not tell the doctor about this problem.

We started slowly, with medication first (a more conservative approach). I started taking a pill every morning but was not able to continue with the medication because I became very nauseated. I called the nurse and told her I was quitting the pill and would have to put up with this problem. But Dr. Palmer didn’t give up. He called me a couple of days later and suggested the Botox procedure, which is a process of injecting Botox into the nerves that control the bladder. I agreed and did the Botox procedure every 6 months for awhile. Finally, Dr. Palmer suggested surgery to implant Axonics, which is a tiny medical device connected to my bladder. After thinking about it I thought this might be a more permanent solution.

Today, I am sleeping through the night and only make a trip once to the bathroom during the night. The only thing I need to do is charge the Axonics device every two weeks; only because that seems to fit my schedule. I have my life back and my required rest at night. The Axonics device is my best friend!

Maryann, Oakdale ObGyn patient