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Infertility Awareness: Watch Dr. McEvoy Share Her Personal Story

What do the colors of pink and blue mean to you? For some, the colors give a hint at gender. For others, they are a universal sign of infertility. As we give a nod to National Infertility Awareness this April, we recognize becoming a parent isn’t easy for some.

Our infertility team is here to help get you on the road to becoming a parent. We are seeing patients by telemedicine for the first visit, according to program director Taryn McEvoy. In-clinic we will perform ultrasound and labs, and order a semen analysis. She says, “It’s a very good time to get started with an infertility work up!” In this video, Dr. McEvoy shares her own struggle with infertility and what has happened since.

Call 763-587-7000 to learn more, or visit visit our infertility program page.