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Discussing Sensitive Personal Topics

We’re here to help you get the answers you seek, so ask away!

Talking about personal topics with your doctor can seem uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be embarrassing. Avoiding uncomfortable, sensitive topics can delay treatment and lead to unplanned complications. We want to be your trusted resource for any issues you may be experiencing, so take a deep breath, and let your provider know what’s troubling you. We promise your provider has heard the questions before.

Questions about sex? We want to be your professional resource when it comes to any sex-related questions. There is a lot of misinformation about sex on the internet, so make sure you lean on a trusted source, like our providers, to address your concerns. Whether you want to learn more about safe sex practices, sexual activity while pregnant or after menopause, or any issues you’re experiencing during or after sex, we’re here to help. Sex-related conversations are quite common and remain between you and your provider, so never be afraid to ask.

Having bladder issues? If you are having trouble controlling your bladder, either because you’re releasing urine unexpectedly, having trouble urinating, or experiencing uncomfortable symptoms while urinating, you should have a conversation with your doctor. Pregnancy, aging, and health issues can all contribute to bladder problems, leading to embarrassing situations in public. Never be afraid to bring up this topic with your provider. Getting control of the underlying issue, starting a new medication, or engaging in physical therapy often can help you regain control of your bladder. Treatments may be easier and more effective than you realize, as long as you’re willing to have a conversation.

Wondering about STIs? Sexually transmitted infections are more common than you probably imagine, and it’s not just an issue among young adults. These conditions and infections aren’t going to go away on their own. You can be risking your health and the health of anyone you’re sexually active with by not treating the issue, so please, speak up if you’re experiencing any burning, discharge, or other uncomfortable genital symptoms. We’re not going to judge you for your actions or choices. We’re just here to get you the treatment you need. If left untreated, STIs can get worse, so please don’t wait to have this conversation.

Is your pregnancy raising questions? Pregnancy will usher in a number of physical and chemical changes in your body, and you may not know what to expect or how to manage this process, but we are here to help. Whether you have questions about conceiving or the 40-week journey ahead of you, we can answer your questions. We know pregnancy can be both exciting and a little scary, so let us give you peace of mind as you wait for the arrival of this precious little one.

Questions about menstruation or menopause? Everybody experiences different menstrual cycles and will progress through menopause in different ways, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide some answers to your questions. If you’re concerned about heavy periods, irregular cycles, or certain symptoms during menopause, know that these are issues for millions of women and we can help you address them.

What about preventive testing? Prevention is important, and testing for certain diseases or infections can help catch a potentially deadly issue before it is too late. But do you have questions about when to receive a Pap smear or how often you need a mammogram? Just ask us.

These are just a few of the topics that we talk about with our patients on a daily basis, so you’re not alone with your questions.  Take a breath, collect your thoughts, and know that we’re not embarrassed about any topic you bring up, so you shouldn’t be either. We’re here to help you get the answers you seek, so ask away! For more information, or for answers to questions you have, reach out to the team at Oakdale ObGyn today at (763) 587-7000.